Scuba Diving Torch

We aim to be the leading supplier of SCUBA diving torch and dive lights in South Africa.

We are able to provide diving lights for all divers needs and all our lights are designed for diving.

The right dive light can enhance your dive experience and it is critical for your safety. There is an abundance of colour underwater, but deeper you are the less colour you see.  More than half of the reds disappear within the first three feet of water, while half of the yellow is gone at nine feet. At 30 feet everything looks blue grey. Having a good dive light will correct this and allow you to the enjoy the full spectrum of colour while you are on your underwater adventure. While night diving, a good, reliable dive light is essential for your safety so that you can enjoy your dive.

There are different types of Dive Lights and you need to consider your needs and the environment you will be diving in before choosing your light.

Primary Diving Lights

These lights can be used for daytime or nigh dives. Generally they are larger with wider beams. This light should be very bright, be durable and have a long run time. When choosing your primary light, the more power you have the better.
When diving at night, this is even more true. A bright, wide beam diving light is the best choice.

Our primary dive lights include the X6, X7 and X9.

Secondary Diving or Backup Dive Lights

A secondary or backup light is there to protect the diver in the event that your primary dive light fails. These lights are usually more compact, have a narrower beam and are lightweight.

Our secondary dive lights are, CV01 and the Dive Mask Torch.

These lights are usually small enough to fit into your BC pocket and are ideal for exploring ledges or crevices in the reef.

We aim to be the leading supplier of SCUBA diving lights and Torches in South Africa.

We are able to provide diving lights for all divers’ needs, such as wireless charging diving lights, scuba canister lights, primary lights, handheld lights, head lights, backup lights. All our lights are designed for diving.

From our range of diving lights, you can choose one that meets your needs and requirements.

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